Monday, October 12, 2009

Paper Pieced Block and I Won!

This is where I live a lot of my life right now-

I'm parked right next to the kitchen and dining room and have a yelling distance of everywhere but hubby and I's bathroom.  LOL  It's definitely much warmer in here than in the sunroom where it was about...oh...41 degrees this morning.  Brrrrr!


and this:

led to this:

and this:


Toby Lischko's quilt "Isabella" inspired me to try a new block this weekend.  I delved into the scrap bin, box and bag and ended up with my interpretation of her design.  It's foundation-pieced points and curved piecing for the arc.  I went a little bit further and used the technique for piecing string quilts to make the inner ring.

For the most part, I think I did a good job.  If I hadn't string pieced that inner ring, I think that seam would be smoother.  I used many of the same fabrics from the string quilt since they were just kinda layin' around looking lost and lonely.

One of my first flowers I loved as a little girl were dandelions.  Several years ago I found this fabric


and fell in love all over again.  Four or five years later, it told me it wanted to be the outer ring of this block.  I have to admit, I cried cutting the fabric.  Silly, I know.  But this fabric has so many memories it brings back to many hopes, dreams, fears, joys and pain.  I've been saving it for something special and I really didn't want to waste it on a quilt I didn't like.

This block will be the center of a new quilt hubby would like for our bedroom.  It goes together pretty fast, and unless I'm really messed up...the instructions and sizing were a bit, well, incomplete in the magazine, so I had to fudge the outer edges of the quarters that make the whole block.  Pretty innovative even if it is me that's messed up, not the book! 

Another happy thing is that after entering every giveaway on blog land...I won!  Well.  Sort of.  Yes.  No.  I've entered to win yarn (I don't even knit and would have gifted the fuzzy furry stuff!), fabric, notions, table runners, wall hangings, purses, bags and even a quilt!  Today was the day I won....

a free breakfast sandwich from McDonald's!  Hooray!  For a girl who never wins anything, I'm pretty pumped!  I'm thinkin' that next Monday, when we're on our way to co-op, ole Ronald's gonna see my smilin' face at his window claimin' my prize...'cause it's all I've won.  No purses.  No bags.  Not even yarn that wouldn't live at my house.  No bitterness here.  No regrets.  Just hope.  Optimism.  I've broken my losing streak...and surely another win is just around the corner!



  1. Aha ! So the winning streak IS on !
    I've been thinking that this is the year that I win the publisher's clearing house one million dollar sweepstake, ......... maybe this is a sign?

    Hee !

    Congratulations, girl, enjoy that McDonald's treat......I didn't win the yarn either, after making a fool of myself saying out-loud, ON THE BLOG ITSELF, how badly I WANTED to win.
    I may just be through entering after that silly embarrassment..(where's that edit button when you need it).
    But there's still until November 11th to hold out hope on the publishers clearing house......................................

  2. yeah!! congrats on the big win! and what you created with fabric is absolutely amazing

  3. love the new block. I have never done this either. Maybe this will be my next try...ugh after I finish my 5 projects currently in production. steph

  4. Wow, Dee!!!! Chills I tell you. I remeber that I was with you years ago when you bought that fabric! I am glad you waited to use it for this!!! My only request is to touch it!!!!LOL!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!!

    Many hugs and blessings,


  5. YAY on winning but more so, I LOVE what you are sewing, I might have to go pick up that magazine, is it a new one?

  6. I love your block! Outstanding! So, I think your very special and pretty, pretty fabric will be much enjoyed for years to come. LOL about your win (I've never won a blog giveaway). Enjoy your breakfast sandwich :).



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