Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giveaway Saturday!

Amber from One Shabby Chick is leaving open entries for a giveaway of a 10"x30" piece of this

to one lucky winner.  This so reminds me of a field trip to Chicago's Museum of Natural History and the King Tut exhibit that was there at the time.  So hustle on over to
and enter to win!

I am not so young anymore!  LOL 
Last night, hubby dearest and I went to a dinner in our state's capitol.  Did you know eyeliner dries up if it's not been used in two years?  That Q-tips make good eyeshadow applicators when you can't find the real thing?  How happy I am we bought a coin necklace from the Atocha that went perfectly with the new gray sweater I bought.  That I could wear nice, warm pants and not a skirt because we lost our car's parking garage...they really should give you GPS for your car when you park! and had to walk around looking for the right garage and the right entrance.  LOL

On a side you help people that you're not sure if they're trying to scam you or not?  A man, nicely dressed, in apparent distress, approached us for $17.11 to pay the rest of a $40 tow bill for his car with a flat tire.  He had his driver's license and seemed sincere.  There was an open bar at the dinner we were at and we had exactly $17.00 from buying one soda with the meal.  So...we gave it to him.

We figure if he's sincere or not is between him and God.  We were given the opportunity to help and answered the call.  I hope he's all right wherever he is.

Beautiful day here.  Below freezing, but the colors are gorgeous!
Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on another giveaway!

    Yeah i help people. Sometimes, I think I'm getting scammed,sometimes it's probably sincere. I remember when I was a teenager I was out w/ a girlfriend shopping and it was the 1st time I saw a guy holding a cardboard sign saying he was hungry. My friend and I were so horrified that someone was hungry. So instead of giving him money we went through a drive through and bought a couple burgers and fries for him.

    But now on another note when we lived in Southern California there was this guy that would hang out in this upscale shopping center area with a sign basically asking for money for food. (yet he had an ipod, a nice mountain bike, shabby clothes (but I think it was an act!). Someone once said the guy lived in Malibu and makes in the hundreds each day asking for money!

  2. Your night out story gave me a giggle. Eyeliner. Who knew? Love that piece of fabric.

  3. You are so sweet to share about the giveaway!

    I do help out people too and I always pray that it's the right thing to do and yes, it's between that person and God, I do have faith in that. Once it leaves my hands, I have no control, but I have faith in God and put it all in his hands :)

  4. Hi, Dee, got your message - I thought we'd already discussed this, but I am most likely confused. I"m confused often when it comes to swapping with 3 different people at the same time! Anyway, I like everything, really, as long as it's representative of you and/or how you like to quilt. Whatever styles, techniques, colors, etc. are your current favorites, then that's the kind of mini I'd want.

    Your story about the man wanting money reminds me of the teenage girl who asked me yesterday for money for gas to "get home." I asked her where her car was, and she said "never mind," and walked away. I'm more of a skeptic, I guess.

    I love the circular blocks - are those New York Beauties? I paper piece a LOT but not the circular ones yet. I'll teach myself to do those soon since I think they're so beautiful.


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