Monday, October 19, 2009

We Have a Winner! are so smart for thinking to think like a man!  His thought was "radioactive".  I also told him Rene's guess of "Quilting can be hazardous to your health"...but I said this very, very, very quietly, 'cause I don't want him getting any ideas and thinking I shouldn't.  LOL

So Joan, baby doll! Middlest and I are off on a quest tomorrow to the quilt store for some scrumptious Jennifer Paganelli.  If you email your address to, I will make sure some of whatever confectionary, delicious delight we find from her finds it way to your house!

Thanks to all for playing along...I love it when spontanaity strikes and doesn't get me into too much trouble (like it usually does!).

A taste of what yesterday's adventure led me to do.  I went beyond the pattern (hmmm...I do that a lot, don't I?) and added a twist to the hexagons with another strip of fabric that extends out over edge of the bottom of the adjacent triangle.  Then I'm joining them them with a Y-seam.  The pattern had you do half hexes joined in rows.  The extra strip doesn't allow this, so I was off to Googleland for a tutorial on joining seams this way.  Still a bit glitchy and not quite there yet, but I love learning new things!

I like the blends.  Some Heather Bailey, Kaffe Fassett, Wal Mart (lol) and Flea Market Fancy all mixed together.  I sure hope the designer stuff doesn't mind slumming with the Wally World fabric, and I for sure hope the Wally World fabric doesn't get uppity for being in such prestigious company!

In other news, Bean and I were sidelined by something sinister today.  He woke with a low grade temp, cough, and headache.  Me, I had the headache.  I love cold and flu season!  Not!  LOL

A few doses of mommy's healthful elixer for what ails you (aka Motrin and Robitussin) and he was good as new.  No temp the rest of the day and enough energy for me to threaten to send him to his room.  Yikes!  So, it's off to school for him in the morning and a road trip for homeschool!  I'm going to look at it as educationally edifying in that Mom won't go insane because she hasn't had a trip for a long time!

KT...I'm headed to the phone right now to see if you and the posse want to go too!

Thanks guys.  You're the best!


  1. Congratulations to Joan ! I'm actually glad that I can't think like a man.......ooh, that's a scary thought to me ! Hee !
    I love your addition to the pattern, though. And I don't think you need to do all those y-seams. Just sew a partial seam when you add the first extra strip to the bottom of the triangle you start with,.....then add each additional bottom strip (now you're able to go all the way across the bottom of each successive triangle.......and when you get all the way around the block, you finish that first seam that you left half undone. Does this make sense to you?

  2. I just reread your post, and I think I misunderstood it the first didn't say ANYTHING about y-seams ! Man, I must be had the whole thing already figured out, didn't you. Forgive me my "know-it-all moment" !

  3. Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!? My first giveaway win!! And Jennifer Paganelli! One of my very favorites! I can't believe it! Especially since I just spent HOURS putting 1/2 square triangles up on a design wall and the result looks a little scary. (Waiting for fresh eyes in the morning). But this certainly revives me. I'm off to email you my address! Color me happy!!!


  4. Oh -- and your blocks look fantastic! And not at all radioactive!

  5. Congrats Joan! Dee the newest quilt looks great!

  6. I hope you are feeling all better soon!

    Lovely quilting. I love the idea of the designers slumming with the wallyworld fabrics. Funny!

  7. What a fun giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Have fun on your quilting expedition. I love that you have the Wally World fabric with the designer fabric. It reminds me of how I dress sometimes. Target tank top with Tori Burch jacket. Now that I know your secret (thanks for the tidbit of info) to getting the stickies off the fabric, I may try again.

  8. I Love your hexigons! I love when lots of different fabrics are mixed together!

  9. These are really cute. I love the humor of having a radioactive symbol hidden in the design. Can't wait to see more! Hexigons seem really difficult, but I havent really looked at a pattern, just looking at them and trying to figure out how they are joined makes me dizzy :) Good Job!


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