Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Episode: Cooking a Cow!

It's......Friday.  A day I'm normall happy to see and now, today, that it's here...not so much!  LOL
To Do List:
Register oldest for SAT again (1790 first time out, hoping to break 1800!)
Register oldest for college of choice
Mail packages, bills, and cards
Bake cookies
Bake brownies
Bake more cookies
Bake more brownies
Prep apple cider for fall party
Finish Space Rocks paper with Middlest
Buy Gatorade in huge quantities for basketball jamboree
Make flyer for the Koch girls (more about them later)
Cook a cow

One of my Friday Finishes (click the button on the side to see what we've all been up to) was just to make it to today!

Here we have three plastic serving trays upside down with their lids on filled with spice cookies, huge brownies, and chocolate chip muffins for the jamboree tomorrow morning.  Two swap packages going out and an encouragement card to a college freshman from our church at school in Florida.
The library books Middlest used for his paper on space rocks.

He rocks because he knuckled under yesterday, didn't go out for lunch with Mom and Dad and spent almost the whole day doing his paper, most of it without my help!
This is a tremendous step forward for him!

I had found a cirriculum on writing essays and research papers that was very basic with ethics and grammar thrown in.  We've been working on it faithfully since school started.
I think he's getting it and I couldn't be more happier or prouder!

Remember I told you my mom was an enabler?  Here's why

In a small town 5 & $.10 that still operates, they were having a sale on fabric and Mom scored for me.  A yard each of some of the prettiest mauve and pink and calicos!  My head is turning trying out new ideas to incorporate them into.  Thanks Mom!  Keep up the good work!  LOL

I also managed to get copies made of some more paper foundation piecing patterns that were free on the internet.  I started the Snow Kitty yesterday.  I either need more hours in the day...or less of anything else but sewing in them!

Seriously here!

On Cooking a Cow

Last night, Gerri (she who shall be a bud forever!) and I went out and bagged our limit on hamburger and hotdogs at our local wilderness market.  We had set up game cams (in the form of sales flyers) all over two counties to try and find the perfect cow and ??? dog, turkey, ham, pork, bits and pieces they put in hot dogs...which as I write this sounds really gross and now I probably won't eat any tomorrow...

After verifying our poundage (the hamburger's, not ours), we loaded up the cow, the ???, chips, candy, nacho cheese chips and cheese, ketchup, mustard and sundry purchases in her van and drove back to the Salvation Army gym to divvy up the goods.

I'm cooking the cow today.  Hopefully, it will come out tasty, yummy, somewhat nutritionally sound sloppy joe's.

Tomorrow's games begin at 10:00 with us there much earlier to set up.
This is the day to mom-brag on Middlest, because he made co-captain of the junior high team.
I love him!

Kt and her crew may come thissa way today.  I hope so.  We'll take a recess day and finish up the paper for Middlest to turn in this afternoon.  For those of you who are confused...ahem...Middlest is enrolled in one class at our local junior high.  We're the first family to "break into" the traditional set up there by having a homeschool kid taking a class at a public school.  We're hoping it works out so well, that they will allow other homeschool students to do this again next year.  We petitioned in and so far, so good!

I'm tired.

Hope you and yours have an awesome weekend filled with wonder and lots of love!
This is where I wish I could just elegantly and poshly roll into and sleep the day away.  Ahhhh!

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  1. Man...I'm tired just reading your post!!! Way to go!!! Good luck with the jamboree this weekend. Congratulations on oldest SAT scores (my middlest takes his in January), middlest making co-captain and doing awesome on his report. Good luck also with college applications. Hope you find time to enjoy the jamboree in the midst of all your hard work!!!

  2. Fun post! Thanks for blogging about our giveaway!

  3. somehow just saying cooking the cow sounds like you might not want to eat it are one busy lady...i almost could not keep up and i was just reading it.

  4. Wow... congrats on surviving the week! LoL Enjoyed your post, and I'm sure it was way more fun for me to read about than for you to do it all! Have a great weekend! :o)

  5. Wow--what a productive week! I think I'll take my day off now that I've read your post!

  6. Folks, that wasn't a week, that was a day!! LOL!!;) I am TIRED, and I was only there for part of it!!!! But they are a great family, and God has great things in store for them, even Middlest and Bean!!!

    Lots o' Love,


  7. Way to go!! Can I borrow that bed when you are done?

  8. wow Dee, you did get a lot done!
    I've been downloading some paper piecing diagrams as well, there are some really cute ones out there!

  9. You have been busy! I can see why you need that luxuriously comfy bed!


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