Friday, October 23, 2009

A Passel of Giveaways!

Thanks all for the "get better soon" wishes.  It's working.  I think.  Headachey, but I keep telling myself it's not really anything, then I stand up and "whoomwhoosh" goes the room!  LOL  Kinda fun if you liked that kind of stuff.  The dog's getting a kick out of it!

Down to business.  I'm going to add to the post as the day goes along.  Well, that's my plan anyway.

True Up is having an incredible giveaway of 10, yummy, half-yard cuts (yup, read it again...10) of a line called "My Favorite".

Sew...head on over for a chance to win!

"Button.  Button.  Who's got the button?"
A Fish in the Water is having a buttonlicious giveaway.

Loot!  I'm not sure which ones she's gifting away...but aren't these lovely.  Buttons and marbles are the coolest toys in the world.  Not the safest, but the coolest!

Giddy for Paisley is giving away one of the darndest, cutest patterns.  KT, you know I'd love this one!  OOPS, maybe I'm not supposed to read through the other comments?  One in there from KT...I think about me?  LOL

Sew, check this blogs out for chances to win fun fabric and fooferall.

Chapter one of the blog done.
Check back later for chapter two!

Chapter Two
Wherein I Present My Lame Friday Finish and Share Some Soccer Photos

Floors mopped-check
Dishes started-check
Laundry load one folded, load two in the dryer, load three in the wash-check, check, check
One kid home showered and doing schoolwork-check
'Nother kid home showering and enjoying a day off from classes being cancelled-check

This is my Friday Finish.  Amy hosts a weekly "kick yerself in the pants and get something done" motivational's on the side under "Sew and Tell Fridays".  There is a talented group of women who participate and each week they wow me with what they have managed to accomplish above and beyond surviving the week.

Check it out and make sure to visit these ladies and let them know you visited!

Mine is a bit of a disappointment.  Well, half of a disappointment.  .5 of a disappointment.

I really like the front of my STUD (you should've seen the look on hubby buns face when he heard KT and I discussing this!).

Not much changed since the last picture, but I added the small, white binding.  I had a hard time finding a fabric that didn't take away from the busyness of the quilt itself and so settled on white.  I quilted Tuesday and Wednesday and put the binding on last night.

It's just a swirly, stipple quilting pattern.  Hubby dove calls this one "Aztec" and wonders why I'm only making quilts and things to give away...he wants to keep them all for us!  Wah ha ha!

Here's the problem:

Wonky.  Big time wonky on the back.  When I pin basted the blasted thing, it was perfectly straight.  When I flipped the sucker over to add the binding...wonkiness supreme.  The quilt is supposed to go out November 1st.  Would you send it as is?  Email my swap bud with pictures and offer to do another one for her?  Take all your savings, hubby (maybe kids if they're not fussin') snookums and fly to Tahiti and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist?

help!  please!

So glad we're done with this:

and this

but so happy to have spent time with

the cutest keeper in the world!


  1. Too cute! That post sure made me SMILE! YES, send your cute quilt off....I think it's great! Hey, I'll take it.
    Busy Moms don't have the time to be too particular. :)

  2. about the back...I truly wouldn't have even noticed until you pointed it out. Then after looking closer, I did see what you were talking about. First, I love the back. the fabric is great! I don't think it's a big deal, but that's me. I wouldn't mind it at all. I know how hard it is working with any kind of lined print for backing fabric and mine are NEVER straight, but to me, it just adds "character"! but saying all that, I know that I can be very critical of my own work and if it was going to someone else, I'd probably feel in a bind like you. SO I guess I'd probably take the picture and send it to the swap buddy and see what she thinks. I'm almost positive she's going to LOVE it just the way it is. But maybe that will ease your mind a little. Or just send it the way it is. It's beautiful! I don't think you need to worry to much! That's the neat thing about swaps (although I've never done one, I'm guessing) but you get to see other people's work..mistakes and perfections. I know I would like anything someone made for me!

  3. Dear Dee, If you do decide to make another for your swap buddy and need a home for your beautiful tiny quilt with it's imperfectly perfect backing, I'll give you my address.

  4. From one soccer mom to another, it looks fabulous to me. I'd take it in a heartbeat! lol Really enjoyed your post. Love your sense of humor! And thanks for all the giveaway links! :o)

  5. I'm totally changing sew & tell to kick yerself in the pants and get something done fridays!! I LOVE it!

    That quilt is darling - I wouldn't worry about the back - it does add charachter, I didn't notice right away what you were even talking about, plus, it's the BACK. If it's hanging up, whose going to be paying attention to that? The front is gorgeous!

  6. great finish Dee...and it is so great of you to point us all in the direction of some pretty awesome giveaways.

  7. Thanks for steering me in the direction of the giveaways. So you're the one doing that STUD mini. I just sent mine off! I don't really know about the wonkiness--I'm too busy being mesmerized by the great piecing. I know if it were coming to me, I wouldn't care! Have a good weekend!

  8. Your quilt is lovely - I wouldn't worry about the back if it is going up on a wall who looks at the back anyways :)

  9. Thanks Dee for sharing your wonderful post. So much fun. The back of your quilt looks great. I, personally, did not see any "wonkiness". Even if there is, from what I see all over Blogland, "wonkiness" seems to be in. I would be pleased to receive your quilt. By the way, what is a STUD quilt? Yours is beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  10. I agree with everyone else - it's the BACK! I would bet money that your swap partner's socks will be knocked clean off and she won't be able to to take her eyes off that gorgeous piecing. I would never even attempt any large sections with stripes, much less a backing, because there is no chance mine would ever line up properly. I think yours is pretty darn good. Add a chocolate bar to your swap as a mea culpa, if you think some gesture is necessary, and have one yourself!

  11. I wouldn't even worry about the back! It all looks great!


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