Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew & Tell Friday Finishes!

Or, finish...for me at least.  It's Sew & Tell Friday.  Click on the button on the side for a peek at what we've all been doing this week!

After my hugely satisfied (read OMGolly, I can't believe I pulled it off!) day finishing this:

I was a little hesitant to try my luck again, and on a smaller project.

You can read about my adventure with the 25% reduction (the paper, not me, darn it!)
on Wednesday of this week's post.
No lightening bolts for irreverance.
For which, I'm eternally thankful.

I've been working on my STUD quilt ever since Tuesday night.

It's definitely easier to do the inner arc without string piecing it.  Fussy cutting the center wasn't as hard as I though it might be.  So, I decided to try the corners that way too.  I like the overall effect.  I mentioned I thought of Sue Ross's BOM #1 seen here as beautifully crafted by Cathy of Cabbage Quilts.

I also like Kaffe Fassett fabrics (also used in the block above) and this block reminds me of his color schemes and the movement his fabric has visually.

What do you all think?

It's roughly 13"x13", so it falls within the 15" parameter the administrator of the group set.  I alternated the inner arc fabric with the outer arc, shadowing the fabric.  The points are all from the 2" strips in the jelly roll.  I'm pretty sure I'll use the center fabric for the binding and piece the back.  Just not sure how.

Also this week, we finished up soccer season!  I'll post pictures once I figure out why the ones I downloaded from the camera aren't where they should be?  Head scratch here.

Have the best of weekends and I hope the sun is shining no matter where you are, even if it's only in your heart!


  1. Wow...just wow.
    I simply adore this quilt!

  2. Wonderful job, Dee...I really need to do another one of these pointy things !
    And the sun has gone into hiding in this part of Tennessee.........but it's forever in my heart...SONSHINE, that is !
    So, I put as many sunshine songs on my blog as I could recognize the other day ! (had to throw in a couple of rainy day ones too, though......after all, HE 'reigns' !)

  3. Love those pointy pieces! I have stayed away from paper piecing in the main, but when I see what can be done... The lure is strong! Really inspiring!

  4. Another great paper piecing project. Love the colors. Happy Friday.

  5. this is amazing...and looks wonderful! go you for having something for sew and tell this week. i've got nothing.

  6. VERY beautiful! I really love this.

  7. What beautiful perfect points. Each so different with the colours you've chosen. Have a great weekend : )

  8. Wow, wow, wow!!! You did an amazing job on it!!! Don't you love that sense of accomplishment?


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