Wednesday, October 28, 2009

As Real As It Gets

There is this blog called A Commonplace Life here that so resonates in my soul.  Keeping life (and blogs) real and authentic.  Well, we are nothing if not real!  Real what???  Well, we'll leave that up to you!  LOL

So, here's my reality.  White tube socks.  Lots of bath towels. 

Having two sons old enough to shave.

Captured bugs displayed proudly with Mom's treasures!

Our educational edification lounge...ahem.

finger rockets on the mantle...ready ammo for an unsuspecting someone!

Here is what my sweet KTbug gave me last week when we went a visiting.

Scrumptious scraps from projects she knows I love!
I can't decide if I want to use the strips in my string quilt...or make a little something different?  The scraps from her fall table quilt and her beautifully made jacket have already been used to make a pincushion for my STUD (Swap 'Til You Drop) bud, Cyndi.

Speaking of which, this is what's getting mailed out Friday

to her.  The card is made from kids in a county school's Special Ed class with all proceeds going right back into benefitting the kids.  They make the most incredible hand made crafts!  I picked fabric from my stash that reminded me of the mountains...earthy colors and the pumpkin farmer was just too dang cute not to picke up and send on an adventure!  Note the fabrics on the pincushion! 

Thank you all for your kind words about the back of the quilt.  I'm sending it as is after your encouragement.  Thanks because it really meant a lot to have all your input!

Some goodies headed for Jenn.  Her quilt, the "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" quilt for Jellybean's baby dolls, cute little mittens that I sewed butterflies on.  A "Sweet Friend" cupcake stamp and another card the Special Ed class kids made.  I buy them in bulk because they're so cute and it's really such a good cause.

In between cleaning up toy parts and pieces on the floor, drying out my vacuum, putting laundry away and planning concessions for a basketball jamboree this weekend (around 360 people! yikes!)...I have managed to take pictures of my new quilt top.  I'm sort of on a fabric buying freeze.  So, I'll be piecing a border for this one out of the same fabrics.  I did buy some fabric this weekend at a shop hop, but it's because I won't be at these places again for a long time, and um...well, they were right there...and um...well...they were such good prices...!  LOL

I fell of the wagon, folks!  Not bad.  Quite a pleasant little bump when I hit the ground.  LOL
Not to mention my mom is an enabler!  I'll tell you why tomorrow!


Off to the library!


  1. I love your new quilt top!!! This is SO CUTE!! It kinda has a "Fall" feeling to it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Can't wait to see it finished! saying you fell of the wagon(kinda)...maybe I should get on the wagon! I keep buying fabric to make more quilts and still have several to catch up on! I seriously have all the fabric to make at least 8 quilts that I have in mind. I really need to stop buying fabric and just get quilting!

  2. Sigh. My love affair with Ranger Rick ended about 15 years ago. But you brought back fond memories!

  3. I have seen that blog mentioned several times today. I definitely need to check it out. I am also having fond flashbacks to Ranger Rick. Love the new quilt top. Really cool pattern. Love the blocks.

  4. oh Dee, this quilt top is so beautiful....did you use a pattern? i love it.

  5. Great quilt top, beautiful fabrics in there xo

  6. What a fun post - your quilt top is beautiful!


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