Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Sales and a Giveaway!

Well, it gets better than this, but not by much!  LOL

Two very fantastic bits o'news for us all.  #1 is that Audrie from "Blue is Bleu"
 is having a giveaway!  A festive table runner perfect for fall!

So, hurry on over to her blog for a chance to win and look through her other posts to see some beautiful, inspirational and very hip quilts!  Her enty for this Fall's Quilt Festival is a favorite of mine!  She has a very cool story and is an exceptional quilter!

Another bit of happy news is that Randi from "I have to say"
is having a 25% off sale!  Until Wednesday, all fabric posted in her store is on sale...she's making room for more scrumptious bolts of beauty coming to her shelves!

We had a blast yesterday at parents/alumni vs soccer team day!  LOL  Too much fun!  One dad came dressed in drywaller's elbow and knee pads, shin guards and a boxer's headgear.  He sported a huge 80's style boombox blasting the theme song from "Rocky", to the delight of the kids and parents who weren't brave enough (ahem...pronounced living life safely!) to play.  Those of us not wanting to break a bone, tear a tendon, pull a muscle and need healing at the alter today, sat in camp chairs and cheered them on!

Our team colors are yellow and black.  At the end of the game, the ref (former player and current crazy man!) called all of the elementary and junior high teams on the field to do battle.  They looked like a swarm of angry bumble bees!

We're not really sure who won...who lost, but the dad who "spanked" his son for stealing the ball from him was redcarded and ejected from the game!  Only to keep sneaking back on the field.

Pitch-in dinner with tableful tons of tasty food!  Oh my.  Potato soup chowder, bar-b-que meatballs, chicken and noodles, pasta, green beans, potatoes, chips, sandwiches, fried chicken, cake, brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats...we know how to cook!

The awards ceremony rounded out the evening.  Middlest came home with "The Big Stopper" award for his playing keeper all season long.  We have two more games that were reschedules for rainouts and sickness.  Next year he heads up to the more intensive senior high team!

Go Strikers!


  1. Thanks Dee! You're so very sweet :)

  2. you are always so great to share the fun at other peoples blogs!!!! i love the mental picture of tons of kids running around looking like little bees. sounds like a fun time


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