Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost Peed My Pants Giveaway!

I wasn't going to post tonight...but hubby love almost made me pee my pants and I'm holding off a trip to the loo just to get this down so I don't get busy tomorrow and forget.

I have about a gazillion wip's (much to my dismay and delight!) going at any given time.  Plus all the things hamsterwheeling around in my head that keep me awake at night wanting to come out and play.

So, to make a short story long...hubby snookums made template copies today for me to work on a new quilt block.  It's another scrappy variation of a quilt named "Dance With Me" by Marcia Evans Moore.  You can take a look here:

Can you guess the name he gave the quilt?  If you can, I will give you something.  I'm not sure what.  Maybe some chocolate.  A Snickers through the mail?  A really cute fat quarter.  I'll figure something out.  Leave me a comment and I will have hubby cupcake draw a name.  Whatever you win, it will be fun!  Another entry for thinking of something I can give as a prize (nothing too shee shee foo foo or expensive) that we can mull over and check with the budget on!  LOL

This should be fun!  Night all!


  1. Cherry pie........or cotton candy ! (quilt name......not prize !)
    You tickle me with your enthusiasm !
    And hooray for hubbies that make templates or whatever else we need for our 'playtime'.
    God gifted me with one like that.......they are THE BEST..........treasure that cupcake !

  2. I have no idea how your husband's mind works, but I tried to look at the quilt like a man. How about, "Radioactive"? The groupings of the three darker triangles looks a little like the radioactive hazard symbol. OR -- some kind of space ship.

    I love those Jennifer Paganelli Dance with Me fabrics! I walk a mile (or 2 or 3) for one fat quarter!


  3. I am going to sound lame but maybe Marsha Marsha? (like from the Brady Bunch?!!) or maybe Square Dance?

    I love your excitement too! Have a nice night!

  4. I know your Hubby, and want to earn free-time with Dee and the quilt shop so, I am going to say that he was thinking...faithfully. "Trinity" is my guess. I want a hot fudge sundae on the way to a quilt shop of our choosing!!!!



  5. So all the clever quilters posting before me had really great names... I meant to ask my husband before he left for work, you know how guys think alike. Then I was thinking maybe your guy still had bowling balls on his mind???
    You always make me laugh. Glad you have a good guy who inables you like mine does.

  6. I like the "radioactive" suggestion. Very appropriate. I am going to suggest something along those same about in Quilting can be Hazardous to your health? Suggestion for prize .... scrap bag of fabrics since you have so many ;-))) Thanks for sharing your quilting enthusiasm with all of us. enjoy your day!!

  7. Hmmm....not sure. I will guess it has something to do with aliens. There seem to be faces with giant eyes looking at me.

    Super cute quilt, though! :)


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